Principal Moscow Gay Pride Organiser Alekseev Also Guilty


Fined, but plans to appeal – to European Court if necessary


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Организатор гей-парада в Москве оштрафован судом в его отсутствии на 1,000 рублей

Организатор гей-парада в Москве оштрафован судом в его отсутствии на 1,000 рублей

Организатор московского гей-парада не собирается выплачивать штраф

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Nikolai Alekseev

MOSCOW, June 9, 2007 (  –  The main organiser of Moscow Gay Pride was today found guilty of disobeying police officers while breaching traffic rules on May 27 as he and other activists, including European parliamentarians tried to deliver a petition to Moscow City Hall signed by around 50 Members of the European Parliament.

Nikolai Alekseev was fined 1,000 roubles (£20, €29, $39), the same as co-organiser and leader of the “Russian Radicals” movement Nikolai Khramov when he was found guilty yesterday in the same court.

After the hearing, Mr. Alekseev vowed that he would not pay the fine and would be launching an appeal to the Moscow Tverskoy District Court.

“The court session looked like a farce,” he said.  “The judge refused to admit photo and video evidence proving that we had not disturbed law and order.”

He said he considered his detention, during the May 27 action in support of the rights of sex minorities, was illegal.  Mr. Alekseev – along with Mr. Khramov and another Gay Pride organiser – was kept in police custody for 24 hours before being brought to court where he was released.

On May 28 the judge considered witness evidence by European politicians.  But this was not taken into account in today’s hearing.

Two police officers testified in court on the circumstances of Mr. Alekseev’s detention.

However, Mr. Alekseev claimed that “none of the officers were, in fact, involved in my detention, which, he pointed out, can be proven with photographic evidence”.

Mr. Alekseev and his lawyer Alexander Ostrovskiy left the courtroom after four hours of court hearing in protest against the way the case was being tried.

All others observing the proceeding also left the court room, leaving the judge and one of the policemen alone.

The decision was delivered shortly afterwards, without Mr. Alekseev and his lawyer.  It was announced to the media by the court.

“I am ready to go up to the European Court of Human Rights if necessary, to prove that I am innocent and that all the charges against me were fabricated,” Mr. Alekseev said outside the court.

It emerged today that Mr. Khramov will also be appealing his conviction.

The case against Sergei Konstantinov, the third person detained for 24 hours on May 27,  was postponed and will now be heard by the same judge on June 22.

His case was postponed cause one of the police officers, who also gave evidence in the case of Mr. Alekseev, refused to confirm seeing  Mr. Konstantinov at the event. Also the second police officer said that he felt bad and could not give evidence.

■ Moscow Gay Pride March ban, imposed by Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, is also being appealed to Tverskoi District court and should be considered shortly.

In January this year Moscow Pride organisers lodged a complaint against Russia with the European Court of Human Rights for the ban of the 2006 gay pride march in Russia’s capital.

■ 1,000 roubles equates to about the equivalent of a day's salary of the average Moscow worker.


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