Catholic Cardinal Calls Gays ‘Prostitutes’ in Latvian Outburst




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Cardinal Jānis Pujāts - and with Pope.  The Cardinal has defined homosexuality as “an unnatural form of prostitution”

RIGA, May 10, 2007  –  With less than four weeks to go before the start of Riga Pride and Friendship Days, Cardinal Jānis Pujāts, head of the Roman Catholic Church in Latvia, has defined  homosexuality as a “total corruption in the sexual arena” an “unnatural form of prostitution” and calls on the government to protect “the values of the traditional family against the licentiousness of homosexuals” in a letter published by a Latvian newspaper.

“We cannot keep quiet,” he says in his letter, ‘Defending Family Values’, to Rītdiena.  “One month from now, there will once again be the issue of tolerance towards homosexuality in the context of yet another attempt to organise a Pride march on June 3.”

Cardinal Pujāts says that the organisers of the Pride event essentially are “essentially demanding that people be tolerant toward this moral corruption”.

“Even more,” he thundered!

“They are demanding not just tolerance, but also that sexual corruption be protected by law and popularised on the basis of special programmes in schools and other organised events.

“There would be no opportunity to object against legal events, because that would be seen as a manifestation of hatred.  That’s how corruption grows into dictatorship,” he suggested.

The Cardinal calls on the Latvia Government to “put the reins” on what he calls “this foreign-inspired action, in which a handful of people with questionable morals try to force the institutions of government to accept their perverse views”.

He claims that there is a reason to reject the “perverse views” of gays.

“No international human rights document considers homosexuality to be a minority that should be protected,” he says.

“It is important to make sure that the cunning proposal from the Pride people – that “sexual orientation” be counted among minorities so as to award it lawful status – not be included in law.”

Cardinal Pujāts  says it must be recognised that all Gay Pride marches are “just nonsense” when compared with the “evil that would occur”  if Latvian government or the Saeima (Parliament) were to use the rule of law to “defend and propagandise” the gay agenda.

“That would be a true military attack against the nation’s morality, religion and family values,” he insisted.  “That is exactly what Pride organisers are seeking to provoke by returning to their complaints year after year.”

The Cardinal then reveals a plan that would thwart the Pride organisers who want a parade.

“[They] will not survive without their slogans or provocative activities, and it is unlikely that viewers on the sidewalk will watch silently,” he wrote.

“That is a conflict situation.  It would be better, therefore, if the provocative demonstration were to occur in a location that is closed and limited some way – a garden or square.  Security services will decide on this, but that is not a long-term solution.”

In the long term, the Cardinal insists that there should be a referendum – even adding another question to the scheduled referendum on national security laws, asking “Do you support marriage between persons of the same gender?”

He than calls for a people’s demonstration to reject the “moral corruption” of gay pride.

“If there are 1,000 sexually crazy people acting foolishly [at the Pride march], then the people’s march in Rīga should have at least 40,000 or 50,000.  That proportion would give the government and public thought enough reason to leave sexual perversion outside the law.”

■  Amnesty International announced yesterday that it would be taking part in Riga Pride on June 3.  An appeal has gone out to members in an attempt to get over 100 supporters from at least 11 different countries  to Riga for the parade.

Amnesty International is taking this action as a demonstration of solidarity with Latvian LGBT people,” yesterday's press statement said.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Latvian LGBT organization Mozaika for their fantastic work and to say that we look forward to meeting Latvian and European LGBT activists alike in Riga in early June.




Posted: 10 May 2007 at 01:00 (UK time)


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