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Chisinau Mayor Bans Gay Pride on Eve of Parade


Ban is illegal, say organisers


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  May 11 update:  Moldovan Police Stand Accused of Letting Protestors Highjack Bus Carrying Gay Pride Participants A ruling of the Moldovan Supreme Court and the provisions of the European Human Rights Convention, which Moldova signed, were set aside by Chisinau police who stood to one side and let extremist religious groups, members of the neo-fascist movement, “New Right”, and legionnaires prevent today’s “Gay Pride” from going ahead.  

CHISINAU, May 9, 2008  –  Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca has banned the Gay Pride parade in the Moldovan capital.  The parade, part of “Rainbow over the Dniester” is scheduled to take place on Sunday (May 11).

But Pride organisers, GenderDoc-M, say that the Mayor has no power to ban the march.

According to the new Moldovan law on public manifestations, local authorities have no right to prohibit a public manifestation, GenderDoc-M say

If the authorities have proof that there could be serious trouble at an event like Gay Pride march, then it is the decision of a court of law as to any ban.

“The decision [by the Mayor] has no legal value.” GenderDoc-M said in a statement today.

The reasons for any prohibition are also clearly limited by the law.  And the letter from the Mayor banning the Gay Pride parade does not cite and legitimate reason, except for “violation of public morality”.

But Moldovan courts have previously established that GenderDoc-M Gay Pride parades are not violating public morality.  Last ear, the Moldova Supreme Court ruled that in banning a previous Gay Pride march the Chisinau city authorities had violated not only the Moldovan constitution, but also European Convention for Human Rights.

It is the sixth time that a peaceful LGBT demonstration has been banned in Moldova, despite pressure and criticism of the Council of Europe, European Union and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

“From the police, city hall and mass-media we have learned that a number of groups is planning violent attacks on pride participants,” the statement said.

“We believe that the unlawful decision of the city hall was designed to shift the responsibility for any victims of this violence from local authorities and the police to pride organizers.

“The actions of the Chisinau city hall and the police are in violation of the European Convention for Human Rights and the Universal Declaration for Human Rights, to which Moldovan is a signatory, as well as other international human rights obligations of the Moldovan state. It is also against the European Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, which Moldova has aspirations to join.

“We believe that human rights belong to all people, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. Everyone has the right to expression in a public space. We therefore call on Chisinau mayor to withdraw the ban, and on Moldovan law-enforcement authorities to provide adequate protection to pride participants.”


Chisinau Authorities OK Gay Pride Parade for First Time.  Organisers of the Gay Pride in Moldova – “Rainbow over the Dniester” – are hopeful of being able to stage a parade this year in the country’s capital, Chisinau.  (UK Gay News, May 6, 2008

Victory Claimed by Gays in Moldova at Chisinau ‘Pride’.  Organisers of the Moldova ‘Gay Pride’ – Rainbow over the Dniester – have claimed a victory over the Chisinau city authorities. (UK Gay News, May 3, 2007)


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