Luxembourg Could Become Sixth Country to Recognise IDAHO

Motion tabled in Luxembourg Parliament by Green Party MP Jean Huss



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LUXEMBOURG, February 18, 2009  –  Luxembourg could become the latest country to recognise International Day Against Homophobia, held each year on May 17 – the day when in 1990 the World Health Organization decided to remove homosexuality from its list of mental disorders.

Today, Jean Huss, a Member of Parliament in Luxembourg introduced a motion to recognise IDAHO as part of the country’s official calendar.

The motion will be discussed at the Parliament between the political groups and a vote is expected to take place by the end of April.

The day is already officially recognised by the European Parliament, and several countries like Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Mexico and Costa Rica, and more than 50 countries around the world contribute to make this event a success.

“Despite the principle of equality of human rights included in the Constitution of Luxembourg, this is not sufficient to protect LGBT persons against discrimination in their private, social and professional life,” said Jean Huss, a member of Déi Gréng (the Green Party of Luxembourg).

“Through official campaigns, we need to inform and raise awareness within the population.  The participation of Luxembourg to the IDAHO can be a first step towards the respect of sexual orientation of any person” added Mr Huss.

“The International Day Against Homophobia denounces homophobic behaviour which can exist in Luxembourg,” said François Diderrich, president of Rosa Lëtzebuerg, co-ordinator of IDAHO for Luxembourg.

“Fortunately, [homophobic behaviour in Luxembourg] is less frequent and less violent than elsewhere in the world where too many countries still criminalise homosexuality – and sometimes even kill homosexuals.

“Let’s at least show our solidarity by officially declaring May 17 as the official day against homophobia,” he added.

Louis-Georges Tin, founder and President of the IDAHO Committee said thanked Mr. Huss for introducing the motion in Parliament.

“This recognition, if it is approved, will be a symbolical and political tool to fight against homophobia and transphobia, not only in Luxembourg but also in the world.

“We hope that many more countries will follow the example of Luxembourg,” Mr Tin added.

Nikolai Alekseev, from the organising committee of Moscow Gay Pride and IDAHO co-ordinator in Russia, pointed out that Mr Huss has been a strong supporter of LGBT Human Rights in Russia.

“We thank him for his commitment to IDAHO.  We are proud that we could work and be part of this achievement in Luxembourg.”


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