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London Pub Refuses to Serve Gay Political Group Which Had Booked a Social Evening
 “We are not being served because we are a gay group” – LGBT Labour

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■ The Greencoat Boy pub in Westminster, London, where homophobic manager refused to serve members of LGBT Labour.
photo creative commons: Euen-M (via flickr)


LONDON, June 5, 2010    It was to have been an enjoyable social gathering following an Annual General Meeting.  But for members of LGBT Labour the evening turned into one of homophobic horror, which former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott later described as “disgraceful”.

A booking had been made at the Greencoat Boy in Westminster for a social event following this afternoon’s Annual General Meeting.

But when they got there, members were told in no uncertain terms that they were not welcomed there.

“The manager refused to serve us,” Richard Angell told UK Gay News.  “We have called the police.”

Mr. Angell went on to explain that members were standing at the bar.  “We are not being served because we are a gay group,” he said, adding that he had not personally come across such blatant homophobia in recent years.

On their Twitter account, LGBT Labour posted: “Appalling homophobia at central London pub. Manager refusing to serve members of LGBTLabour”.  Twenty minutes later, the group posted: “Manager at The Greencoat Boy near Westminster told members he would have refused the LGBTLabour booking if he'd known it was an LGBT group!”

Minutes later, the group posted that they had reported the incident as a hate crime.  “Police are now here, details being given,” they Tweeted.

Mr. Angell said by telephone that he and two others were on their way to Charing Cross police station to give statements.

Michael Cashman, the co-president of the European Parliament’s all-party ‘Intergroup’ for gay and lesbian rights, is a member of LGBT Labour and attended the Annual General Meeting.

He was not a the Post-AGM Social event, but when he heard about the homophobic attitude of the Greencoat Boy manager he Tweeted: “Boycott this bloody brewery.  A total apology is not enough”.

Former Labour MP and Deputy Prime Minister Joh Prescott Tweeted: “40 years ago we campaigned against a Hull pub that banned ‘women & queers’. This is disgraceful.”

The Greencoat Boy pub belongs to Punch Taverns.  UK Gay News has tried to get in touch with the company for comment, but without success so far.

Under UK legislation for the provision of goods and services, it is against the law to discriminate and refuse to serve someone on the basis of race, ethnicity, or sexuality.


Punch Taverns Give Unreserved Apology to Gay Political Group.  Punch Taverns have this evening have given an unreserved apology to LGBT Labour following Saturday’s incident at the Greencoat Boy in Westminster.  (UK Gay News, June 6, 2010)

Punch Taverns Must Call Time on Homophobia, Say LGBT Labour.  LGBT Labour is calling an apology from Punch Taverns after the group fell victim yesterday evening to homophobic abuse at the company’s Greencoat Boy pub in Westminster, London, where they had booked a social event.  (UK Gay News, June 6, 2010)







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Posted: 5 June 2010 at 21:00 (UK time)


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