Europe’s Only Gay Theatre Festival Is Launched in Dublin




DUBLIN, April 29  –  The Second  Dublin Gay Theatre Festival opened in style this week when several hundred guests attended the launch party at Glitz, Break for the Border, one of Dublin’s premier gay clubs.

A programme of 16 gay related theatre productions will run from Tuesday May 3 to Sunday May 15 at eight Dublin city centre venues.

The festival, the only one of its kind in Europe, is supported by Dublin City Council.

“Among the productions at this year’s festival are eight premieres to Ireland, including the world premiere of Emma Donoghue’s ‘Don’t Die Wondering’,” commented festival artistic director Brian Merriman.

In addition, there are three UK productions, two of which were invited to participate following successful runs at the Edinburgh Festival.

“The directors and performers are from Dublin, Cork and Kildare as well as the UK, US and Europe,” Merriman said.  “The programme includes innovative theatre and writing, full length and short plays, comedy, music and matinees as well as late night shows.”

Among the many fringe activities are a lecture on Oscar Wilde, a new play reading, a writers discussion forum and a nightly after show club.

Organisers have kept ticket prices as low as possible to ensure accessibility to a wide audience.  This year’s venues include The Project, The Focus and Andrews Lane Theatres as well as the Teachers Club, Temple Bar Music Centre and the Cobalt and Centre Stage Café’s.”

“The festival is not grant aided in any way and is run by a dedicated board of directors and volunteers.  We are committed to seeing this festival develop into a mainstream event that will continue to increase visibility and celebrate the contribution of gay people to theatre both in Ireland and abroad” said Merriman.

“Too often, when gay authors wrote about love, life, hopes and disappointments, whether comedy or tragedy, they had to shroud the presentation of their life experiences or social commentary to conform and be accepted by a heterosexually constructed society” continued Merriman.  “The Second International Theatre Festival will present these works in the context in which they were written” he added.

Three renowned Irish gay personalities are to be honoured through awards at this year’s festival.  “It is not a competition but there will be awards for three areas of theatrical achievement” said Merriman.  “The first award, The Oscar Wilde will be presented to reward a particular piece of writing; the second, The Hilton Edwards will reward a chosen aspect of production;  and the third, The Michael Mac Liammoir will reward an achievement in performance.

“Our key resource is our production companies,” Merriman continued.  “Their investment is the essential ingredient in this artistic experiment. 

“Their belief in the value of the event is a great stimulus to all involved to keep going.  They deserve your support and appreciation.  I am very grateful to all the artists for their generous support and contribution to this unique Irish theatrical event” he concluded.

Tickets for most presentation are priced at €13.50 (about £9), and a “season ticket” for all events at €90 (£61).  Full details of prices and availability can be found at the Central Ticket Bureau’s secure website. [Note, ticket prices above include booking charge]

The 'Simplified' Festival Programme
click here for full programme synopsis)

Andrews Lane Theatre – ‘NAKED WILL’  3rd/ 7th May at 8.15pm                               Tickets €12

The Focus Theatre – ‘DECADENCE’  3rd / 7th May at 8pm                       Tickets €12/10 (2 plays)

The Focus Theatre –‘HARLEQUIN’S LESSON IN LOVE’  3rd/ 7th May at 8pm               €12/10

T @36 Teachers Club – ‘THE LOVE DOCTOR’ 3rd/ 7th May at 8pm            Tickets €12 (2 plays)

T @35 Teachers Club – ‘SAY SORRY’ 3rd/ 7th May at 8pm                          Tickets €12 (2 plays)

Centre Stage Café – ‘A CURE FOR HOMOSEXUALITY’ 4th/14th May                     Tickets €12

Cobalt Café – ‘SIMPLY SONDHEIM’ 5th/ 7th May at 8.45pm                                    Tickets €12

The George – ‘BEING MISS ROSS’ 8th May at 3pm                                              Admission Free

The Project Theatre – ‘NEW BOY’ 9th/14th May at 8.15pm                                    Tickets €14/10

Andrews Lane Theatre – ‘TORCH SONG TRILOGY’ 9th/14th May at 8.15pm            Tickets €12

T @36 Teachers Club – ‘AND THEN THERE WAS ME’ 9th/11th May at 8pm            Tickets €10

T @36 Teachers Club – ‘SELF OBSESSED TRAGEDY OF ED MALONE’ 9th/11th              €10

T @36 Teachers Club – ‘CITIZENSHIP’ 12th/14th May at 8pm                     Tickets €10 (2 plays)

T @36 Teachers Club – ‘DON’T DIE WONDERING’ 12th/14th May           Tickets €10 (2 plays)

Cobalt Café – ‘SINGING OUT TOO’ 13th/14th May at 11pm                                     Tickets €10

Temple Bar Music Centre – ‘FESTIVAL GALA NIGHT’ 15th May at 8pm                  Tickets €12



Dublin International Gay Theatre Festival website
Central Ticket Bureau’s secure website



29 April  2005