Lesbian Activist Invited to Downing Street






LONDON, July 14  –  Sue Sanders, co-chair of Schools OUT, the organisation working for over thirty years for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender equality in education and initiator of LGBT History Month UK, has had her work honoured by an invitation to a reception at 10 Downing Street on the July 25 to meet the Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

Sue has been active in equality issues all her life and is particularly well known for her training work with a wide range of organisations, including the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

However it is her work with schools, combating homophobia through the creation of inclusive curricula, well-trained staff and anti-bullying work for which she is most justly celebrated.

“This recognition is very well deserved,” said Schools OUT co-chair Paul Patrick.  “Sue is a tireless campaigner, an excellent speaker and broadcaster and a sensitive and highly competent trainer.

“Her work is well respected both within LGBT communities and beyond. She has worked closely with both the DfES and Dti to forward the cause for equality,” he commented, adding that an organization could not have a better spokesperson.

Sue Sanders said that she was delighted to receive the invitation.  “This is not simply for me, but recognition of the work that Schools OUT has been doing over the past thirty years – and for the success of our first LGBT History Month last February.

“This invitation also makes clear that we currently have a government who also considers these issues to be important.  We hope it is a sign that they will work with us to make schools happier and safer places for all our children, where all children will receive the education they need and deserve.

“It is good to have the government as an ally in this campaign,” she added.



Schools OUT website

14 July 2005