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Anti-Gay Demo in Krasnodar Banned by Authorities



MOSCOW, October 13  –  Authorities in the Krasnodarski region of Russia have said this evening that they will not authorise the anti-gay demonstration in Krasnodar on Saturday [see earlier report].








But reports from Krasnodar say that protest organisers plan to defy the ban and go ahead.

“We will show to the country just who the authorities are protecting,” organisers are petorted to have said.

The refusal to permit the demonstration was based on a technicality, it has emerged.  One of the organisations involved in the planning of the demonstration was recently ordered to be closed down by the courts.

Nikolai Alekseev, the head of and one of the Moscow Pride organisers, said he welcomed the decision by the Krasnodarski region authorities.

“If the event takes place without the authorisation, we will seek the official position of the General Prosecutor on this event [in Krasnodar ] and whether or not it is legal,” he said.

This updates Protest Against Moscow Gay Pride in City 1,500 km Distant posted earlier today.





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October 13: 
Russia:  Protest Against Moscow Gay Pride in City 1,500 km Distant. A demonstration against the proposed first-ever Moscow Gay Pride festival, scheduled to be staged in May next year, will take place on Saturday (October 15) in Krasnodar, some 1,500 km (950 miles) from the Russian capital and close to the Black Sea.

Italy:  Pasolini Murder Case Shelved, by Doug Ireland.  The investigation into the 1975 murder of the great gay Italian poet-film director-novelist-playwright-essayist-literary critic Pier Paolo Pasolini – which had been re-opened in May after the hustler originally convicted of the murder recanted on television his confession of three decades earlier – has been definitively shelved, it was reported in Rome yesterday.

October 12: 
Uganda’s Targeting of Gays and Ban on Same-Sex Marriage Condemned.  The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) condemned today the recent decision by Uganda President Yoweri Museveni to ban same-sex marriage.

Turkey:  Turkish Court Not to Hear Case to Closedown Gay GroupGays in Turkey have today claimed a victory in their bid to save the closure of Kaos, the gay and lesbian human rights group.

UK:  Alleged Assaults on Gays In ’Derry Taken to Court.  A 26 years-old man, Stephen Lee Wright, is due to appear at Londonderry Courthouse tomorrow, Thursday October 13, on charges relating to a widely reported assault on a Rainbow Project Volunteer in July 2004 when the gay man was attacked and bitten in the face outside a chip shop in the Waterside area.

October 11: 
Gay Leicester Councillor’s ‘Outing’ of Teen Rent Boys in Newspaper is Slammed.  Gay men in Leicester who frequent the cruising area in Abbey Park have effectively been branded “paedophiles” – by a 23-years-old gay city councillor who is also a counsellor at the local LGBT centre.

October 10:  
Gay Women Particularly Susceptible to Discrimination in Kyrgyzstan.  By Gulnura Toralieva in Bishkek. 
It was an unpleasant incident at a Bishkek café that helped convince Sasha Kim that Kyrgyz lesbians had been silent for too long.  She was among several women ordered out of the cafe when two of their number were spotted by the other patrons exchanging a kiss. They were told the restaurant was a “respectable establishment” and no place for gays and lesbians.

October 7: 
Bid to Deport Gay Ugandan Torture Victim by UK Government.  A twenty-five years old refugee who was jailed by the Ugandan government for his gay human rights work and subjected to four months of forced labour, water torture, beatings and rape, from May to September 2004, is today facing deportation, Outrage! has revealed today.

October 5: 
Eastern Europe: 
Euro Conference Calls For End of Gay Discrimination.  More than 150 gay activists from central and eastern Europe are calling on their respective governments to outlaw discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and to implement legislation for “registered partnerships” for same-sex couples.

Nepal:  Kathmandu Gay Metis Are Released, But With ConditionsThe five Metis who were arrested on Sunday in the Nepali capitol were released yesterday, the gay rights group Blue Diamond Society has said.

October 4: 
Gay Executions and Torture: Does Protesting Really Help? Yes, Says Iranian Exile.  Commentary.  We often wonder whether protests outside Embassies have any effect.  It might make us feel good as we wave a banner condemning some atrocity or another, as was the case outside the Iranian Embassy in London today when gay rights in Iran – or the complete lack of them – took centre stage.

UK/Iran:  Celebrities Join London Protest Against Iran Gay Executions and Torture.  TV soap and film actor Jeremy Sheffield, gay rap star Q Boy, comedian Scott Cappurro, Big Brother contestant Josh Rafter, out gay Labour MP Chris Bryant and human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell today joined a 50-strong protest outside the Iranian Embassy in London.

October 3: 
Star Support for London Demo Against Brutal Iranian Treatment of Gays A number of stars have backed tomorrow’s demonstration at the Iranian Embassy in London and the international petition organised by the monthly UK gay magazine axm

Nepal:  Call to Intervene to Help Release Five Imprisoned Gay Metis in Nepal, by Sunil Pant in Kathmandu.  Five metis were arrested last night about 10pm in Kantipath while they were on their way to the Thamel area of the Nepali capitol. [Reports from Nepal earlier today said that there were three metis arrested]. They were Suntali Lama (age about 22 years), Neema Lama (age 22), Kanchhi Lama (age 25), Bipasa Rai (aged about 19) and Deepa(age 22).

October 2: 
Anti-Gay Demonstration in Vilnius, by Juris
Lavrikovs.  Around 50 people gathered on the Europe Square in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius on Friday to protest against possible gay pride march and ‘spread’ of homosexuality in Lithuania.  All major Christian denominations expressed their support for this demonstration.

October 1: 
New Iran Protest Over Treatment of Gays at London Embassy A new protest outside the Iranian Embassy in London is to be staged next week.  UK gay human rights group Outrage!, which last July broke the news to the world of the execution of two gay teenagers, has joined forces with UK gay lifestyle monthly axm to spearhead a further demonstration at the Embassy on Tuesday (October 4).

September 29: 
“Please do not leave us alone,” Iranian Gays Urgently Appeal to World, by Doug Ireland The Persian Gay and Lesbian Organization (PGLO) has appealed to North American activists for help in mobilizing support for their campaign against the vicious, lethal, anti-gay crackdown taking place in the Islamic Republic of Iran.  The anti-gay pogrom in Iran includes arrests and torture of gay people, executions of gay Iranians on trumped up charges, and a well-organized Internet entrapment campaign by Iran's religious sex police that is ensnaring gay Iranians daily.


Posted: 13 October 2005 at 18:30 (UK time)