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Melbourne’s Gay Registry Scheme Sends Bracks a Message






■ Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne Gary Singer who announced a “relationship register” for same-sex couples.

MELBOURNE, November 19, 2006  –  Victorian human rights group, Civil Union Action! (CUA), has welcomed Melbourne City Council’s pledge to set up a relationship registry for same-sex couples, noting that the council acted because the State Government had failed to do so.

“The Melbourne City Council has decided to recognise same-sex relationships because the Bracks Government will not,” CUA spokesperson John Kloprogge said.

Mr Kloprogge said the council’s scheme would provide evidence of a relationship, but could not fix discrimination at the state level.

“Same-sex couples will benefit from the legal and social support a council register can provide, but discrimination will remain until the State Government introduces a scheme of their own,” Mr Kloprogge pointed out.

“Same-sex couples shouldn’t have to wait until all 79 local councils set up a relationship register, which can only afford them limited rights anyway.

“The best way forward is for the Bracks Government to introduce a state-wide civil union scheme – one which guarantees same-sex couples equal treatment to married couples under Victorian law.

“Same-sex partners who are committed to each other want to know whether the Bracks Government is committed to them,” Mr Kloprogge concluded.

CUA is pledged to publicly campaign on civil unions right up until the November 25 state election.

Last week, the openly gay deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Gary Singer, announced the setting-up of the “relationship register” for same-sex couples.

He said that the scheme, while largely symbolic, would help gay couples by providing proof that they were in a relationship.

“This register will provide evidence of a relationship.  It doesn’t have the legal status of marriage but it does provide some evidentiary basis in court for gay and lesbian couples,” Mr. Singer told The Age newspaper.

A couple would have to make a written declaration of their relationship in from of witnesses to be included on the register.


Bracks Registers Interest in Gay Vote.  By Doug Pollard (Melbourne Star).  Steve Bracks has sent two Labor MPs to talk to the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby about a possible Partnership Registration Scheme, based on the Tasmanian model. (UK Gay News, November 12, 2006)

Commit to Civil Unions, Bracks Urged.  Victorian human rights group, Civil Union Action! (CUA), has called on the Bracks Government to commit to formal partnership laws for same-sex couples in advance of the state election.  (UK Gay News, November 12, 2006)


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