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Jan 30:  Iran/Europe:  Are Gay Iranians Being Deported from European Countries on ‘Erroneous Information’?  Commentary.   Published earlier this month, a new report on information used by the UK Border Agency to make decisions on asylum cases found that reports on the situation for gays in Iran are “sub-standard or erroneous”.

Jan 29:  Macedonia:  Macedonia Backtracks on Protection from Discrimination for Gays and Transgender People.  The Government of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia today announced a revised proposal for anti-discrimination legislation that will not refer to sexual orientation in the list of covered grounds.

Jan 25:  Russia:  Mayor Luzhkov Has Again Hits Out at Gay Pride Parade in Moscow, Calling it Satanic.  Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov has today fiered his customary broadside at the Russian Capital’s annual Gay Pride, repeating his usage of such descriptions as “satanic”.

Jan 24:  Norway/Iran:  “Now I Have Lost Hope” – Gay Iranian Who Faces Deportation from Norway in Hours.   A forty-years-old gay Iranian is today facing deportation from Norway – and it could be in less than 48 hours.

Jan 23:  UK/Malawi:  British MPs Condemn Malawi Gay Arrests.  Thirty-three British MPs have so far signed a House of Commons Early Day Motion (EDM 564), which condemns Malawi’s arrest and current trial of two men, Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, who are accused of a homosexual relationship.

Jan 22:  UK:  Groundbreaking DVD on Tackling ‘Gay Bashing’ to Be Sent to Every Secondary School in UK.  Stonewall will send every secondary school in Britain in February a copy of its DVD, FIT – the first feature film for schools to tackle homophobic bullying.

Jan 21:  European Union:  Euro Commissioner Designate Pledges Priority for Anti-Discrimination Directive, Gay Rights.  The Commissioner-Designate for Home Affairs at the European Commission pledged that, if confirmed by the European Parliament, she would give the ratification of the European Union’s Anti-Discrimination Directive a high place in her portfolio.

Jan 21:  USA/Uganda:  Ugandan’s Plea to US Congressional Hearing: ‘Gay Hate’ Bill Undermines Very Basic Human Rights.  The Ugandan Anti Homosexuality Bill (2009) undermines very basic human rights, the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission heard this afternoon.

Jan 20:  UK:  New Research Shows that Cervical Cancer Virus Can Be Transmitted by Gay Women in Same-Sex Relationships.   The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) that is present in almost 100% of cervical cancer cases can be transmitted in same sex relationships, according to a new report.

Jan 20:  Russia:  Moscow Gay Pride Hearing at European Court Put Back at Request of Russia.   The European Court of Human Rights informed  the Moscow Pride organisers yesterday that it has extended the deadline for the Russian government to submit its position on the admissibility and the merits of the complaints put to the Court over than banning of Moscow Gay Prides and other events.

Jan 19:  USA/Uganda:  Top State Department Official to Give Evidence to US Congressional Hearing on Ugandan ‘Gay Hate’ Bill.   A top official from the State Department is due to give evidence at the US Congress Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission hearing on Uganda on Thursday.

Jan 19:  Belarus:  Minsk Court Dismisses Appeal of Two Gay Activists Fined for Holding Unsanctioned Picket.  Minsk City Court today dismissed the appeal of two Belarusian gay activists against the decision of the local court, which held them responsible for organising an unsanctioned picket in front the Iranian Embassy in Minsk last December.

Jan 17:  USA:  Irene Monroe: Would Martin Luther King Jr Have Spoken Out on Gay Justice?  Commentary by Rev. Irene Monroe.   As we celebrate MLK Day 2010 we no longer have to hold King up to a God-like standard.   All the hagiographies written about King immediately following his assassination in the previous century have come under scrutiny as we come to understand all of King- his greatness as well as his flaws and human foibles.

Jan 13:  USA/Uganda:  US Congressional Hearing on Ugandan ‘Kill Gays’ Bill Set for Next Week.  By Andy Harley in Washington.   Tammy Baldwin hits out at American Evangelicals said to be behind Ugandan Bill.

Jan 5:  Malawi:  Malawi ‘Gay Marriage’ Trial Set for January 15.  Human rights defender arrested on false porn charges.   A Malawian court yesterday refused bail to two men who celebrated their engagement to be married in a traditional African ceremony, which they held late last year.  The same day the police arrested a worker from the human rights group CEDEP, which assisted the detained men and secured them legal representation.

Jan 3:  Lithuania:  Amended Law Against ‘Propaganda of Homosexuality’ – A Poison Pill?  Commentary by Rafael Keller.   A new law, dubbed as “anti-gay”, will come into force in Lithuania next March.  Initially, the bill was openly discriminating gays and lesbians by prohibiting “public dissemination” of homosexuality.  But before Christmas, after a campaign launched by several gay right groups and Members of the European Parliament, the Lithuanian Parliament passed an amendment to the bill.

Jan 1:  Poland:  Cameron’s New Polish Euro Pals Demand Gay Internet Crackdown.  UK Tory leader David Cameron’s new European Parliamentary allies, the Polish Law and Justice Party, are yet again targeting gays as they demand a government clampdown on paedophiles and the Internet.  The political party has a long track record of linking gays with paedophilia.